Lotus Bedsheet – Stripies


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Made of 100% microtex with superative finishing /330 thread count.

Bed Size

King Size (6′ x 6.5′ x14″), Twin Size (3′ x 3.5 x 14″)

Lotus Package

5pcs/set = bedsheet, 2 pillow cases, 2 bloster cases, 3pcs/set = bedsheet, pillow cases, bloster cases, Comforter

Bedsheet Code

LI-SD-005, LI-SD-00b, LI-SD-02-5, LI-SD-02b, LI-SD-04b, LI-SD-05b, LI-SD-05D, LI-SD-06b, LI-SD-07b, LI-SD-09b, LI-SD-10b, LI-SD-13b, LI-SD-14b, LI-SD-15b, LI-SD-17b, LI-SD-18b, LI-SD-20b


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